How to use T-bar ski lifts while snowboarding?

Snowboarding is a sport where you descend a snowy slope with a single snowboard attached to both your feet. The snowboard is attached to the foot by a special boot. Here you face sideways, where the feet are inline with the body and perpendicular to the direction of the movement.

Unlike skiing, you don’t place the T-bar ski lift behind the ass or try to sit on it, but between your legs.

You have to unstrap your back foot from the snowboard. Keep your back straight and upright, bend your knees and keep your shoulders in line with the snowboard. Keep your weight on the front leg and don’t lean towards the back/tail portion of the snowboard. When you reach the loading area, the lift operator will guide you to the position from where you get the T-bar ski lifts. Use your back foot to push yourself forward on the snow surface. You shouldn’t be fast or in a hurry, show patience and wait for your turn. Grab the pole of the T-bar ski lift when the lift operator hands it to you. Hold the pole with both your hands to avoid accidents if the T-bar gets slipped off. While moving uphill, make sure to stay in a natural snowboarding stance, so that you have proper control over yourself and can be easily pulled uphill.

When you are near the hilltop, pull the T-bar from your legs, but try to hold the pole until you reach the unloading zone. Contact us to get ergonomic and comfortable T-bar ski lifts.

What should you keep in mind  while snowboarding?

Observe and understand your slope before starting the sport. Never go beyond the boundary and pay attention to the varying signs. Be aware of your blind-spot, because you will be facing sideways. Try never to stop snowboarding in the middle, suddenly, it may cause serious accidents. Control your speed and direction by turning in appropriate ways by leaning your shoulder and hips towards the direction.