Frequently Asked Questions

What is a T-Bar?

T-bar is a type of ski lift or ski lift which can be used to easily ride uphill, during winter. It can be easily maintained and more economic compared to chair lift  which is another form of ski lift. This ski lift can be used in different terrains such as less elevated and highly elevated slopes and is not affected by harsh wind / weather.

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Why are T bars trending in ski resorts?

It was initially thought that aerial ski lifts such as chairlifts would replace surface lifts such as T bars. However, nowadays youngsters and travelers are more interested in racing and winter sports. Since T bar ski lifts are faster than chairlifts and other aerial lifts, skiers and snowboarders who are interested in racing prefer T bar ski lifts over aerial lifts. Due to this racing trend among skiers, many ski resorts install T bars in their ropeways. Moreover, T bars are more economical and require less maintenance compared to other ski lifts.

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What are the common skiing race?

The common types of ski race are:

Nordic Skiing: It is popular in Scandinavian countries and is conducted in hilly terrains. Nordic skiing consists of two types which are cross-country skiing and ski-jumping contestants. In Cross country skiing each man may ski for 10 kms and woman for 5 kms and the length varies. 
Alpine Skiing: It is conducted in hilly terrains or mountains and there are four types of alpine skiing such as slalom, giant slalom, supergiant slalom, downhill, parallel and combined. Alpine ski race can be practiced from a ski resort which offer ski lift equipment and ski slopes.
Freestyle Skiing: The acrobatic style of the skier is evaluated during this event. There are different types of freestyle skiing such as aerials, moguls, acroski, cross, half-pipe, slope style and big air.

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Is Boardie compatible with any T-bar system?

Yes, Boardie is constructed to fit all T-bar models. When placing an order, you will be asked which T-bar model(s) at your resort Boardie will be used on. We will then make sure that Boardie fits your current conditions perfectly and hassle-free.

How safe is it to ride using Boardie T-Bar surface lift?

If you are riding in the appropriate position, then T-Bar is very safe. You need to slightly lean while moving uphill and stay relaxed. All the features of our T-bar ski lift improves the user safety and is certified by CE according to EU directive 2000/9/EC.

Can Boardie withstand harsh weather and wind?

Yes, Boardie T-bar surface lifts can withstand harsh climate and numerous other hard impacts. Wind resistance was carefully taken into consideration when developing the product, which resulted in an aerodynamic design. The lowest allowable temperature upto which Boardie can be operated is -40C.

What complementary technical equipment is needed to attach Boardie?

Nothing. Boardie is delivered to fit your existing ski-lift equipment. The assembly of the T-bar ski lift can be easily handled by you, which saves the installation and maintenance costs. If you want to replace the old T-bar with boardie, please remove the old T-bar from the metal pipe as per the instructions of the old manufacturer. After installation make sure that the sign fits properly inside of the Boardie and cannot be twisted around. Contact us if you have further questions about installation or deliveries. We will assist you along the entire way to make sure Boardie works perfectly at your resort.

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How can I get a sign on my Boardie?

You can attach a sign with a customizable print. If you are interested, contact us and we will send you a master template of the sign layout. You design your sign in e.g. Adobe Illustrator (typically done by the advertising agency you use), and send us back the print file. We will then print and deliver the signs to your resort with clear instructions for how to install it. The sign has no impact on technical performance, you may operate your T-bar system with or without signs attached to your Boardies.

Does Boardie provide warranty?

Yes, we provide 1 year warranty on all components delivered.

How to use T bar ski lift?

As soon as you get the T bar ski lift, hold the pole of the T bar. If you have a partner for the ride, then lean towards your partner for not getting tangled up with each other's skis. After you slide backwards to the T bar seat and set yourself on the T bar, position your upper part of body to slightly lean towards your partner. Hold the skiing sticks by the outside hand which is not holding the pole and keep your skis flat. Then the ski lift will take you uphill and you need to stay relaxed and enjoy the winter ride uphill. Soon after reaching the destination, stand up and release the T bar ski lift. 

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Can I take my kid for a T-bar ride?

Yes, you can take your kid with you for the T-bar ride. The registered design of Boardie provides a more comfortable T-bar lift ride for all types of users – regardless of whether you are a skier, a snowboarder or riding together with someone taller or shorter.

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Where can the advertisement be present in Boardie T-Bar?

Boardie T-bar surface lift provides a wider design suitable for a powerful advertising platform. It allows for a new space facing the user in their field of attention during the entire T-bar ride, which creates a highly effective communication area. This space could for example be used to increase awareness of the resort brand, or be sold to third party advertisers targeting the premium customer segment ‘ski vacationers’ – turning the T-bar systems in place at the resort into additional revenue streams.

Which months do people go skiing?

Usually ski resorts offer skiing facilities from the mid of October to the end of March every year. However, It depends on the location and other facilities of the resort. Most tourists and skiers travel and explore skiing activities during December and January. Snowfall can be more frequent during these months compared to other times of the year.

Where can't I use T-bars?

T-bars and other Surface lifts are not recommended for the type of slopes that have very irregular terrain where you may lose the proper control over yourself. Aerial lifts such as chairlifts are recommended for such terrains.