What are T-bar ski lifts?

T-bar ski lifts are surface lifts or drag lifts which have a seating bar. It is the most cost-effective and maintenance free ski lift. It is very popular and widely available in different ski resorts which offer the environment for alpine skiing. It looks like an inverted T and can carry upto 2 people. It was introduced and commercialized after rope tow and button lifts in the early 1900s.  Even though it seems to be trickier compared to aerial lifts, children usually get well soon with the T-bars because the impact of a fall from a T-bar ski lift is very low compared to other ski lifts. The T-bars ski lifts drag you uphill just like the button lifts or poma lifts. The main difference is that the T-bars are capable of carrying 2 people simultaneously to the hilltop. Unlike the aerial lifts, you can safely get down even before reaching the hilltop.  The beginners and kids who learn skiing and snowboarding prefer to use the T-bar ski lifts. It is versatile and commonly used in less steep terrains.

It is installed in large rotating hubs with cables that pull the person to the hilltop. There are many T-bars installed with regular intervals that pick the people ready to ski. Skiers and snowboarders grab onto the bar or the pole of the T-bar as soon as it reaches their place.

You can pair with someone before using the T-bar ski lift. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to pair up with a partner for ensuring more security. Stand confidently and grab the T-bar pole as soon as it approaches your position. When you get on to the T-bar, remember to hold both the ski poles in one hand and hold the metal pipe or the pole of the T-bar ski lift. Lean backwards, stand upright and keep your balance by holding firmly to the pole. Do not lean towards your partner and keep the legs side by side. Be more cautious if the terrain is not smooth or even. As soon as you release the pole, ski down away from the lift and don’t roll backwards which can cause accidents. 

Traditional T-bar ski lifts seemed to be slightly discomfortable and was a pain on ass for repeated uphill rides. So, Boardie has come up with a wider, ergonomic and smoother T-bar ski lifts that makes a comfortable uphill ride.
How does T-bar ski lifts work?
The horizontal seat where the skiers sit is connected to a vertical pole in the center of the seat. The vertical pole is attached to a wire which can be retracted. The retractable wire is connected to the overhead cable which pulls the T bars uphill as soon as tension increases due to the load. The angle of the vertical pole will be adjusted with respect to the elevation of the terrain.

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