Introducing Boardie

The T-bar has been a pain in the ass since 1934 - Until now.

For the first time in over eighty years, the classic and reliable T-bar ski lift gets a face-lift. Wether you are a skier, a snowboarder or riding together with someone taller or shorter, you will have a comfortable ride up the slope. At Boardie, we are dedicated to our mission – to improve the alpine experience for everyone.

Boardie T-bar ski lift

Reward your ski resort guests with comfortable T-bar rides.

Boardie is a comfortable and revenue generating T-bar ski lift seat, developed to improve the alpine experience for both skiers and ski resort owners. It is a fast, low cost alternative to upgrade any T-bar ski lift system. In addition to Boardie's superior comfort, a customizable removable sign has been built in to increase ad revenues or brand awareness. Do like over 40 ski resorts in six countries already have, and reward your ski resort guests with comfortable T-bar rides.

What others say about us

We believe in Boardie, so do others.

There are many Boardie believers out there. Read the full stories about what they have to say and learn more about Boardie from their experience. We are happy for your feedback – it helps us to continue creating the worlds best T-bar seat.

Boardie is the best thing that have happened to the world of skiing in a very very long time. I am surprised we had to wait this long to find this kind of solution for the T-bars, imagine how much more comfortable it will be.. Thank you Boardie for finally making a change. This is a creative, important and really great new product.

Ulf ”Mr Ski” Edborg, Ski instructor legend


We have chosen to test Boardie for several reasons. It is a product which we can see is beneficial for the guests. It is also an interesting new development of the T-bar lifts, where not much has happened since it was changed from wood to plastic sometime in the early 70s. It fits well with our plans for the future – to deliver better products which enhance the way guests experience our ski resort. Our guests can expect a more comfortable ride for the upcoming winter. Parents having the T-bar as knees brace when travelling with their children should see a significant improvement in particular.

Carl-Johan Ekbom, Technical Officer, Skistar Åre


The new T-bar seat is an innovative and fantastic product! I definitely see that the Boardie will create a more comfortable lift ride for our guests. I am sure that all our visitors and our staff in Alebacken will love it.

John Stjerna, Operations manager, Alebacken.

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