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Our certified T-bar seats help you enhace the guest experience by providing a surprisingly comfortable
T-bar ride at low cost and minimum exchange effort

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A bit about Boardie

Our product "Boardie" makes T-bar rides more comfortable for fellow skiers and snowboarders, and has been recognized with international awards for it's ingenuity. Boardie T-bars are wider, more ergonomic and come with advertisement space. Boardies are easy to install and maintain - you simply replace the old seat on current T-bar systems with Boardie in a matter of minutes - and 'Voila!' - you have a new fresh look and feel which will be greatly appreciated by your guests. Boardie is currently in use at over 25 European ski resorts and counting.


As a Boardie customer, you can expect quality through-and-through.

Setting the best ropeway solution for skiers.

One year moneyback guarantee

Not happy? No worries, just send it back.

All-terrain tested

Boardie has been tried and tested for over 6 years at over 25 different ski resorts, in all terrain and weather conditions.

Quality assured

Boardie is CE certified according to applicable European regulations for cable way installations.

T-Bars are one of the best surface lift systems around and Boardie address all it's pain points of traditional T-Bars


Enough about us - what are the ski resorts saying?

Boardie is in use at over 25 ski resorts, here are some of their testemonials.
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