We are a team of product developers and engineers, and all big fans of skiing and snowboarding. That’s why we are dedicated to our mission – to improve the alpine experience and continuously develop ways alpine enthusiasts focus on their passion for skiing and mountaineering. We aim to develop ropeway solutions and products ski resorts can use to better satisfy their visitors. Our belief is that if visitors are delighted by their experience at a resort, there is an increased chance they will visit again and spread the word among their friends.

In an increasingly competitive market, ski resorts rely on new innovative ways to satisfy their ski loving visitors’ needs. To experience an exciting and enjoyable visit, a comfortable means of transportation between wonderful skiing runs is very important. That’s why we developed Boardie – a fast, low cost alternative to improve comfort and looks of the classic T-bar surface lift.

The T-bar surface lift is one of the most cost effective and reliable means of transportation for alpine enthusiasts around the world.

Our ski/surface lift is much more comfortable than the traditional T-bar which has not been updated since the 1930s. 

Boardie T-bars are self-installable. They are broad, ergonomic, aerodynamic, durable and come with an advertising space beneath them.

Boardie T-bars are currently used by over 50 ski resorts in Europe.

If you are looking for a durable ski lift solution, you’re in the right place!