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Our certified T-bar seats help you enhance the guest experience by providing a surprisingly comfortable
T-bar ride at low cost and minimum exchange effort

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Boardie is specially designed to give any skier or snowboarder a comfortable experience when riding the T-bar. No stress / discomfort due to the broad and ergonomic design of Boardie redistributing the force inflicted on the user more evenly, thereby creating less felt pressure – which translates into better perceived comfort. The anti-slippery surface and aerodynamics makes it the best surface lift for skiers/parents riding with kids and snowboarders.

The Boardie T-bar can be easily installed by you, and Boardie seats can be easily replaced by the old T-bar without dismantling the previous equipment / ropeway solution. Our T-bars are ruggedly built, even with excess usage in harsh conditions, no plastic deformation will occur.

Boardie 2-SL Seat

Width: 100 mm
Length: 910 mm
Hole diameter: 30-36 mm
Weight: 920 g
Material: HDPE with UV-stabilizer
Color: Sky-blue (standard)
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