Boardie is specially designed to give any skier or snowboarder a completely new, comfortable experience when riding the T-bar. The protected design of Boardie redistributes the force inflicted on the user more evenly, thereby creating less felt pressure – which translates into better perceived comfort.

Boardie 2-SL seat

Width: 100 mm
Length: 910 mm
Hole diameter: 30-36 mm
Weight: 920 g
Material: HDPE with UV-stabilizer
Color: Sky-blue (standard)
Frequently asked questions

Is Boardie compatible with any T-bar system?

Yes, Boardie is constructed to fit all T-bar models. When placing an order, you will be asked which T-bar model(s) at your resort Boardie will be used on. We will then make sure that Boardie fits your current conditions perfectly and hassle-free.

What about wind and weight?

Boardie is designed to be just as wind resistant as the old T-bar seats. This was carefully taken into consideration when developing the product, which resulted in an aerodynamic design. When it comes to weight, Boardie is slightly heavier than most other T-bar seats. This additional weight was also taken into consideration during development and does not affect the recoil effect on most springboxes. However, we do recommend to test each new unit installed to make sure it recoils back into the springbox properly, additional tightening of the spring might be necessary. We will assist you along the entire way to make sure Boardie works at your resort.

What complementary technical equipment is needed to attach Boardie?

Nothing. Boardie is delivered to fit your existing ski-lift equipment. Contact us if you have further questions about installation or deliveries.

How can I get a sign on my Boardie?

You can attach a sign with a customizable print. If you are interested, contact us and we will send you a master template of the sign layout. You design your sign in e.g. Adobe Illustrator (typically done by the advertising agency you use), and send us back the print file. We will then print and deliver the signs to your resort with clear instructions for how to install it. The sign has no impact on technical performance, you may operate your T-bar system with or without signs attached to your Boardies.