What are Boardie resorts saying?

Filzmoos, Austria

Located in the Salzburg area, Austria, Filzmoos was one of the first ski resorts in the Alps to introduce Boardie for their guests. After a trial season with positive results, the management decided to equip their main T-bar lift with Boardies.

Åre, Sweden

”Boardie is a product which we can see is beneficial for the guests. It is also an interesting new development of the T-bar lifts, where not much has happened since it was changed from wood to plastic sometime in the early 70s. It fits well with our plans for the future – to deliver better products which enhance the way guests experience our ski resort. Our guests can expect a more comfortable ride for the upcoming winter. Parents having the T-bar as knees brace when travelling with their children should see a significant improvement in particular.”
Carl-Johan Ekbom, Technical Officer, Skistar Åre

Flottsbro, Sweden

Known for their proximity to the Stockholm area, Flottsbro is the weekend favourite for skiers and snowboarders who live in the city. Flottsbro decided to use the sign on the back of Boardie to finance their installation using several sponsors such as Carlsberg, seen here on the image to the right.