What is Snow-Tubing?

It is always fun to play in snow. Snow tubing is an outdoor winter activity which is almost similar to sledging. It is a fun activity that you can enjoy with your family, kids and even friends. Reach the hilltop with the tube and descend downhill after sitting on it. It is extremely exciting to slide down the snow on the snow tubing. The speed of the tube increases during the descent and it halts after the downward slope ends.The snow tubes will be having a circular shape, so it is difficult to control the direction and speed while snow tubing.  It is the gravity which is pulling you downhill by which you will be thrilled. However, in order to avoid accidents, many ski resorts offer barriers or motorized pulleys that can guide you while snow tubing. 

The most essential part is to stay safe during this activity. Most ski resorts, adventure parks or adventure centers undertake many safety precautions needed for this activity. These places will have mountain cams to notice and ensure the activities are conducted in a safe environment. The main things to be taken are safety helmets, snow tubes and proper winter outfits. Snow tubing can be less tedious if you use drag lifts like T-bar ski lifts to reach the hill top to slide down.

Some people confuse snow tubing and  snow sledding!

Snow sledding consists of wooden platforms attached with runners, and has a rope handle for steering. So it is safer and easier to control. 

Snow tubes are circular tubes cut out in the center, which does not have any ropes for steering or direction control. Sometimes you may be able to apply brakes by holding the surface with your hands, which is not considered as an effective approach.

Tobogganing is another winter activity which is similar to snow sledging and snow tubing. Toboggan looks similar to that of sleds but it does not have runners. They are made of parallel wood slates or Masonite boards, and has more directional control than the snow tube. In early days, it was used for transporting the wooden logs through snow surfaces.

T-bar ski lifts can be used to reach hill top for enjoying any of these activities. Contact us to get the most comfortable, ergonomic and wide T-bar ski lifts.