About Ski-Jackets

Even though there is a lot of skiing equipment and accessories required during skiing, Ski-Jacket is one of the most important accessories that helps you to withstand the extreme cold weather.

The main objective of a ski jacket is to keep us warm and dry and offer more comfort during the extreme cold. Ski Jackets should be waterproof with taped seams that range from 16,000 to 20,000mm, so that it will keep you dry, protect from wind and keep you warm. In order to evaporate the sweat, the fabric used in the ski jacket should be breathable that ranges from 10,000 to 15,000 grams. It should have snow skirts underneath the jacket which can be detachable or undetachable, that prevents the snow from getting inside to the base layer.

Apart from that it is advisable to choose ski jackets that have high collar, extra long sleeves and snow cuffs and a hoodie that fits over the ski helmet, such that the whole body won’t experience the extreme weather during skiing. Besides, many ski jackets also offer underarm ventilation zips that can be used while overheating, a lift pass pocket that can keep the ski lift pass and an inside pocket for placing the mobile.

While skiing, usually you have uniform movement and focus more on speed, so it is advisable to wear a slim-fit jacket that supports aerodynamics. Nevertheless, while downhill skiing, you may have to withstand the cold wind, therefore, heat-retention is an important feature for ski jackets.
There are four types of Ski Jackets:
Insulated Ski Jackets: These are usually synthetic and isolate you from wet and cold environments. It should be preferably light weight and have a quality base layer that protects you from the extreme environment. It is very comfortable and is bought by many ski resorts for offering to their guests.

Shell Jackets: They are lightweight, thin and not fully insulated. They have plenty of storage that makes it convenient for backcountry skiing, and generous fit. It prevents you from getting overheated after long ski rides. Many ski resorts offer Shell Jackets for their guests who go for backcountry skiing.

3 in 1 Ski Jackets: It has a waterproof and breathable outer layer of jacket which is termed as shell and fleece-style jacket inside to keep you warm. It is more versatile, but heavier than other ski jackets. 

Softshells Ski Jackets: They are not preferred during extreme weather conditions and in wet snowy regions, because it is not properly insulated. It is mainly used for long backcountry skiing and therefore it is breathable and improves the mobility and comfort of skiers during skiing.

You have to choose the type of ski jacket according to your requirement and skiing type. The Ski Jackets are usually durable, so that you can challenge the environment and weather from the time you ride with ski lifts and explore through skiing. Boardie offers ergonomic and comfortable T-bar ski lifts, for the perfect uphill ski ride.