Know About Ski-Goggles

Ski and Snowboard goggles are a very essential accessory for skiers and snowboarders. It is very important to have a perfect vision while skiing. It helps in compacting the sun glare especially during sunny weather. Apart from that it protects you from UV rays, snow blindness, cold and wind. Exposure to UV rays may cause damage to your eyes. Light exposure in high altitudes may even lead to temporary blindness. There are goggles with photochromic lenses which change the tint automatically with respect to the light and adapt in order to provide excellent visibility. 

Some people think to use sunglasses instead of goggles, but sunglasses are not sealed around the edges due to which you may be exposed to indirect light. Besides, foam padding around the edges of goggles offer extra protection. 

Different Types of Lenses:

Cylindrical Lens: They are flat on the horizontal axis and slightly curved on the vertical axis. Due to this structure, they may not absorb much rays and will not provide a better peripheral view. However, they are cheaper and more economical compared to other lens types.

Spherical Lens: They are curved both on horizontal and vertical axes. It provides a better peripheral view and less distortion to the eyes. It also distributes and diminishes the glare during sunny weather.

Torical Lens: They are the combination of spherical and cylindrical lenses, where it is not as curved as spherical lens in the vertical axis and slightly more curved than cylindrical lens in the horizontal axis. It helps in reducing the distortion and offers a wider peripheral view.

It is good to choose goggles which have a ventilation system, because it helps have a fog free lens. If there is enough space between your face and lens, then it helps in preventing fog formation and provides a clear view.

When it comes to the color of the lens, brown and rose suits for cloudy or overcast weather. Grey goes well for sunny weather. Other color combinations may suit good for both weather conditions depending on how it’s combined and type/strength of the tint.

The size of the goggles can be chosen as you prefer, there are different sizes such as medium, oversized which covers more portion of your face, women’s fit, Asian fit, and so on. Whichever you choose, the helmet and the goggle should be compatible and have a perfect fit.

Along with the ropeway solutions, ski-lifts and other skiing equipment, most ski resorts will also offer skiing accessories that includes ski-jacket, ski-boots, ski-goggles, and so on.