What are Ice Skating Rinks?

Along with snowboarding, alpine skiing and exploring the mountains by traveling through ski lifts, ice skating is also an interesting winter activity. There are many arenas suitable for outdoor ice skating in the winter. But, ice skating can be done in any weather conditions if it is built indoors.

Ice skating is a sports activity where we glide on the ice surface using ice skates or figure skates which have blades that are attached to the bottom of the shoe or boots. Ice skating rinks are areas (indoor or outdoor) which are horizontal flat smooth surfaces. Outdoor ice rinks are usually the frozen water bodies in the winter, whereas inner ice rinks are artificially made by freezing thin sheets of water to turn into smooth ice. Earlier, there were only outdoor skating rinks, but indoor skating rinks are very common. If the weather is not favorable, then outdoor skating is not recommended. In such situations, indoor skating rinks are very helpful. You can enjoy skating without being concerned about different weather conditions.

Around 1912, indoor ice skating rinks were introduced when ice skating became very popular in Scandinavian countries. To construct an indoor skating rink, a favorable location is fixed. A base layer of sand and gravel is set and a heated concrete layer is built in order to protect the ground from freezing or cracking. An insulation layer is built above the concrete layer. Then metal pipes should be laid in cold concrete slabs. Ice-cold glycol produced by refrigerant plants is passed through the metal pipes, which freezes the arena floors. The refrigerant cools the brinewater that is pumped through the pipes. Thereafter water is poured which freezes and becomes an ice sheet on which you can skate. There should be an insulation layer below the concrete slab allowing the slab to expand or contract with respect to the variation in the temperature. The surface of the ice rink can be marked with different colors, favorable for different sports like ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, etc. Construct a border around the ice skating rink with height at least above 3 inches.

Some of the ice skating games that you can enjoy are freeze skates, where you skate while music plays and stops when music stops. Then there can be gliding competitions and skating races, hokey pokey which is an enjoyable skating time with music especially for parents and kids, ice hockey and ice volleyball, and many more. When you skate, remember that you should follow the safety regulations to remain safe, and try to avoid skating alone and choose a guide who will help you in skating. Never skate off-track and be fully equipped with necessary equipment for skating.