Frequently asked questions

Things you want to know.

Do you have questions about Boardie or need some support? Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Question 1.

I love Boardie, where can I buy one?

We are happy to hear that you love Boardie too. Contact us here and make your order!

Question 2.

Can the T-bar be used in any lift system?

Boardie is constructed to fit all T-lift manufactures. For other kinds of lifts (such as the platter lift or similar) we will assist to investigate the opportunities for a change to the new Boardie. When taking an order, the resort will be asked to take three simple measurements and upon delivery, the Boardie will be tailor made according to those measurements. This way, we can guarantee the safety and operation of the T-bar installed.

Question 3.

What colors can I choose for my Boardie?

This year Boardie comes in a heavenly blue color, well suited for beautiful snowy hills. In the future there will be plenty of options regarding colors. We will keep you up to date with our latest

Question 4.

Isn’t Boardie heavier that the original T-bar seat?

Boardie weights 1.25 Kg and has been tested in harsh conditions. We have carefully evaluated the weight, air resistance and snow accumulation. Read all about the technical information in our technical specification.

Question 5.

What complementary technical equipment is needed to attach Boardie?

Nothing. Boardie is delivered to fit your existing ski-lift equipment. We just need your information about the conditions and we will have a tailor made solution for your resort. Contact us if you have further questions about montage or deliveries.

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