About us

Team Boardie.

This is Boardie. We are a team of dedicated product developers and engineers, and all big fans of skiing and snowboarding.



Born on skies and with a passion for epic powder slopes. Niclas is the CEO of Boardie and gets it all going. When living in Colorado he knew that something needed to be done to improve the T-bar lift back in Sweden, and when he and Erik got together they set out to do it.


(+46)73 – 029 22 06


Product devlopment and Marketing


Erik is the brain behind Boardie. He is also a snowboarder by heart and he could not stop wondering why the T-bars had to be a pain in the ass. Erik thought that something needed to be done to make the T-bar more enjoyable. Shortly, the wider and comfy Boardie was invented. You’ll find Erik cruising down the hills or in the after ski.


(+46)73 – 643 96 16